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Want to feel secure at all times? Want to be in control of your home whether you’re inside or outside?

We provide fool-proof security:

While you and your husband go to work every morning, feel secure by locking it away with our alarm system. If a thief ever attempts to break and enter your home, an alarm will be sent to your mobile phone. However, if he manages to enter, the motion detector in the house will detect him and send a notification alarm to your mobile phone. Alarm light along with a sound will also be turned on to notify the neighbors. The police can be called to arrest the thieves right away.

Automation at your home:

While you’re out vacationing with your partner, take care of your home with our mobile app to automatically water the garden on switch on the outdoor light or even turn the AC and water heater on while you land at the airport.

Making your life happy is now possible with New Line Security Store.

Say goodbye to your worries with our smart wireless alarm system and its full range of accessories; you can be in control of the security of your family as well as property. You can yourself install our systems wherever you are on the globe. This can be done easy and fast. We will deliver to you and guide you for installation.
Our products include the following sensors for your safety and security:

  • Motion sensors 
  • Door sensors 
  • Glass breaking sensor 
  • Fire sensor
  • CO sensor
  • Gaz sensor
  • Motion detection cameras
For more information, visit us at or give us a call or WhatsApp at 00961 79 113 669. You can also send us email at

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